10,000 Steps

Data sheet:

10,000 Steps



Typology of knots/meaning:

I decided to have each knot represent 100 steps because I had days where I walked well over 10,000 steps and I wanted a large number of knots to represent it. I wanted a man able amount of knots to make that would visually represent the large quantities of steps I was taking.

Recorded time:

March 25-April 2 2020

Concept of Quipu/personal significance:

I worked with my step count, since walking had been a big part of my pandemic experience. There were a lot of moments at the beginning of the pandemic, where I would be overcome with an extreme anxiety where I felt like I needed to move but I didn’t know where I needed or wanted to go, and was limited I’m where I was able to go. In Boulder, CO, where I live, we have a large network of foot/bike paths away from the roads, that go past creeks and ponds and a lot of nature. Walking those paths became a form of therapy for me. Making the knots was enjoyable because I love these very repetitive processes. But it also resurfaced some of the feelings of anxiety I was feeling when I was taking the steps. .