Aura quipu

Data Sheet:

Aura quipu



Typology of knots/meaning:

I tried to color-code the timeframe somehow, so instead of having one thread for each year that I had a migraine since 2015, I decided to use a single vertical thread as an index to display the months of a year by color. Then I used the month related colors to represent the months in which the migraines occured, by occurance order, complemented by green thread to represent the number of days affected by the migraine. I didn't yet find a way yet to represent the neurological symptoms of the migraine.

Recorded time:


Concept of Quipu/personal significance:

I repressented my aura migraines which have three main neurological symptoms, like visual impairment, numbness and speech difficulties and they can affect the next days or be affected by the previous ones.