Cat/Human Sleep Interference

Data Sheet:

Cat/Human Sleep Interference



Typology of knots/meaning:

Each piece of yarn represented a day (so 5 to represent a week), the knots represented interruptions in human sleep and the ties around these knots symbolised which cat interrupted the sleep, the third colour representing both cats as interrupting sleep. I could only attend the first half of this workshop so wanted to also add other yarn strands to show how the human (me) might have interrupted the cats sleep making it less ‘human-centric’.

Recorded time:

A week in June 2021

Concept of Quipu/personal significance:

For me getting cats during the pandemic changed my routines and helped improve my wellbeing when we couldn’t leave the house. I became interested in how their non-human bodies might be represented in data in comparison to our own. I combined data from my FitBit noting times I was awake during the night with design fiction visualisations of times the cats interfered/interrupted the human’s sleep.