New and continuous relationships pre/during pandemic

Data Sheet:

New and continuous relationships pre/during pandemic



Typology of knots/meaning:

I used colours to represent different media of interactions and knots for frequency of interaction and who was involved (connecting different people for group calls). I used coloured pompoms to represent each individual and what colour I associate with this person. I represented time in 2 different ways, overall the order of individuals moves from older connections to newer relationship (not by importance or relevance) and downwards, the length of each strand was meant to represent the duration of this relationship (not quantitative) but the strands got shorter with more knotting which prompted me to question what this means in relation to connection and depth of relationship. Is time and frequency of connection important to visualise, communicate or feel the depth and importance of a relationship. I was thinking to also incorporate the more personal or emotional connection that I had with different people at different times through the pandemic but this would have taken a lot longer and more personal reflections.

Recorded time:


Concept of Quipu/personal significance:

I used more conceptual data of what relationships I’ve made during lockdown and how relationships have changed from physical to digital interactions. I explored the different channels of medium of connection or interactions that I use with different people (whatsapp, FB, insta, zoom, text messages, facetime or in person), and how these channels may influence what I may share or how we interact through these ways..