Data Sheet:




Typology of knots/meaning:

There are three layers of information that I have materialised. The first layer represents the people. I used two horizontal strings. The first horizontal line (Blue color) represents the visuals that Irem sent me (my niece). The second horizontal line (yellow) represents the visuals that I had sent to Irem. The second layer focuses on the context of the visuals. The white string represents a visual that includes information. The orange string represents a visual from the past. That is to say childhood pictures or old pictures that we were both depicted in them. Selfies are represented by the blue thread. Things are represented with green thread. The third layer represents emotions in the photos. For visible emotions I had used a small ball on the vertical thread. Or if the picture includes or stimulates very strong emotion, I knotted a big textile ball on the vertical thread.

Recorded time:

1 May to 30 June 2020

Concept of Quipu/personal significance:

Knotted aspects of the visual communication with my niece Irem, through Whatsapp, during the pandemic. I analysed photographs sent among us. I wanted to see what we have shared visually.