Steps I took

Data Sheet:

Steps I took



Typology of knots/meaning:

Each piece of yarn represents a week. I decided to work per week, and not for days, in order to include in the Quipi all the period related to the first Covid-19 lockdown in Italy. 13 weeks are represented. I used a grey yarn for the timeline. I used yellow yarns for the period of lockdown, confined in my home; blue yarns for the period outside the lockdown, when I was free to move from my home. To the first layers, I added knots for each interaction I had with people, knotting the same yarn for interactions in the same space (my home), meaning digital meetings, and adding a knot with another yarn with pink color for the interactions with people outside of my home.

Recorded time:

Approximately 2 months, from beginning (7 March 2020?) to ending (7 May 2020?) of the first Covid-19 Lockdown in Italy

Concept of Quipu/personal significance:

I materialized the average of my steps recorded by phone (Apple Iphone Health application) per week. It gave me an indication of the relation with my body, movement, and space. I realised that the physical/tangible way of translating these data from the app to material allowed me to go backs to some memories and devote some time (the process of knotting and creating the Quipu) to reflect on them and live them again with a kind of distance, and in a way it was really therapeutic.