Data Sheet:




Typology of knots/meaning:

I used my memory to map key events that changed my personhood and change colors at those points. So it goes from white (single), yellow (married), light blue (one kid).... And so on. I represented them as lasting changes rather than singular events. I marked those points of changed with an extra dark blue knot for visual distinction. I used open looped knots along the length to represent the number of wind events in a given month in a given year.. I later joined all years into one continuous year separated by a contrasting color sections. I wanted the time to be read continuously and then I liked the idea of looping it into a necklace I could wear. I added tassels to mark the (...) sections on either side marking that this is just part of time.

Recorded time:


Concept of Quipu/personal significance:

I chose to start with data about significant wind events in Boulder colorado. I picked 2009 as a somewhat arbitrary starting date. I wanted something “bigger” to contrast the pandemic, or to have a dataset represented that didn’t change much during the pandemic but also had some significant impacts on life. The other data I overlaid atop that was significant events that changed my sense of self / body – specifically moves, pregnancies, and significant friendships. .